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Support #VoiceYourHopes candidates

ENTRIES HAVE STARTED TO COME IN…YES! We wanted to hear what they had to say and they are actually saying things you need to hear, and it won’t stop on our pages…on the… Continue reading

Announced the Scholarship for 2018 #VoiceYourHopes

While other initiatives for African students are still underway, the SHIP Africa pocket money scholarship continues in 2018. The deadline is the 30th of April, students in universities and secondary schools in Africa… Continue reading


    Fear and Pride both go before a fall, be understanding and patient enough to tell the difference. People rashly mistake FEAR 4 PRIDE. Someone who walks away or refuses to show up… Continue reading

#SHIPAfrica Scholarship: Letter to the Finalists

      A few hours to announce the Winner of the #SHIPAfrica #SHIPCampaign Scholarship and I wrote this email to all of the five finalists:   Dear Candidate, This message is personally… Continue reading

Let’s chat…You, Me, And a Camera!

Our first interview is at 1:30pm with the top video entry, but let’s see.   We had great essays too, OMG 😲 😵, Nigeria, behold your thinkers!!! Your Researchers!!! The people who will… Continue reading

The Pocket Money Scholarship and Dilemma

I am finally at the other side of the computer, where the emails from candidates go. It’s been two months since the campaign for the SHIP pilot scholarship ended and a month since… Continue reading


One of the ways Nigeria can stay ahead or keep pace with Energy and I.T innovations around the world, is by maximising the time and potentials of our youths. Our young ones and… Continue reading


Financial Aid Scholarship. Don’t delay, visit the Facebook Page GOURMET FRENCH for all the info. Check out this video:  

Educational tourism in Africa: Be part of the video/essay competition

  I just had a camera in my hand one afternoon and the first thing I started talking about was how to make things straight back home in the educational system, just one… Continue reading

SHIP SCHOLARSHIP: Education in my country

Hello, If your search for the SHIP scholarship has brought you here, then you are in the right place. 2017 is our pilot, and we don’t have a website yet dedicated specifically to SHIP… Continue reading