Win N100,000 by being that one student that can help with ideas that will affect millions of students in Africa and improve the system of Education in Nigeria, the prize is N100,000 and one on one mentorship sessions with top ranking professionals in their fields (to be named after winner has been announced).

The title of your essay/video is EDUCATION IN MY COUNTRY WOULD BE MUCH BETTER IF…


30th April, 2017, 11:59pm (GMT+1)


The idea is to create a solid business case for improving the educational system in Nigeria, so that more foreign students can study in Nigeria as much as Nigerians study abroad. Your essay should be based on your observation from a national or international, personal, cultural or academic perspective, stating what should be adopted, what should be improved upon and traditions that should be eliminated to improve the quality of graduates, to improve the equality of schools and to improve the quality of teaching and student evaluation methods.

Be as personal as possible, we are seeking to connect with the contestants and match them with mentors.



Essays will be read by a panel in three rounds and judged based on originality of content, pragmatic solutions, sound theory, quality of thought, proficiency in writing and expression. Videos will be judged by the same panel using the same criteria. Be as creative as you dare in your videos without losing the message. We highly encourage thinking outside the box, with imaginary but feasible timelines.

Essay : 750 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography, give proper credit for citations and consultations using MLA or APA methods)

Video: 10minutes max (less than 10minutes is allowed, but any video longer than 10minutes will not be evaluated) Feel free to film with your phones and upload to an online video platform. Teamwork in videos is acceptable.



In order to participate, you must

  • Be passionate about education and literacy in Nigeria (or candidate’s country)
  • Be currently a student in the university either in first year, second year or third year
  • Be studying in Nigeria (students of other nationalities can apply as long as they are studying in Nigeria, and they can base their essay on their country or on Nigeria)
  • Either write in English or In French/Videos should be in English or in French



Preselected candidates will be notified by the 21st of May and given their telephone interview appointments.

Winner will be announced on the 30th of June, 2017

For proof of enrollment in a university, instructions will be given during the telephone interviews.

Please note that we have a human face, so feel free to send us messages on enquiries concerning the competition. Please do not write to us AFTER the essay concerning your status as a candidate.


Video url should be sent to

Essays can be sent directly as the body of an email or attached in PDF or Word formats to the same email address. Enquiries should also be sent to the same email address.

You can only submit one entry for this scholarship/competiton.

Best of Luck!!!




Watch out for VWASS on


Mehn….church activity, hyperactivity, overattendance, underattendance or knowing one and every verse of the Bible are not the virtue.

VWASS is a message like you’ve never heard it before. Prepare for a revelation…as it came to me on March 3rd…

Fingers crossed… I know nothing… God remains my source,  please let’s accept it with a humble heart as it comes… VWASS!

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MMPG (Married Man Playing Games)

A taboo remains an invitation to commit.

And it’s like every married man wants a little diversion.

You’re never really mature enough 2 quit.

Just foolhardy enough to take d decision to keep a wife.

The best of boys will dream to take a walk,at least once while there’s life, on the wild side.

The best of players, when they say they’re done, they pick a trophy girl to create an impression.

But married men sometimes still want to woo.

It’s hard to believe that the game is over, when you don’t know if you just won, just lost or need a rematch…

It’s funny isn’t it? Marriage is winning again and again in the same field you think you’ve conquered.

Funny, foolish, exciting, challenging. It’s hard to tell cage fight from love ring…I mean nest…

And unless u dare, cos it’s breaking you down, you never tell a soul how ugly it is inside. An oath to bind two, an ego to protect.

When it’s good it goes public, when it’s bad, it’s ugly. And the world will never know. We only believe what you want us to.

Bof! Who cares anyway? We got our own problems! You keep the benefit of the doubt.

Wallpaper, Screensaver, Avatar, we paint our picture. A little boredom sets in, and a little mist of a window-shopping idea beclouds…

Predator, you’ve had your own cake. Love, company, family, affection, security, a home, your own home, kids, wife, bills.

Stakeholder, Shareholder, heart and home in your hands. Its not enough to invite conscience, or sentiments, to dine with greed…

Man remains selfish…Men remain daring

A taboo remains an invitation to commit, a sweet taboo…

(As written on on July 12th 2013)




I have been trying to upload this song since Monday and it’s not working 😦 I need to ask my friends how they do it.

I’ve converted it to every audio type in the book, so maybe I need a space upgrade.

How’s your day going 😀 ?

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