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#MeToo in Nigeria

If my ‘assaulter’ did not succeed, partially succeeded, tried relentlessly, can I still share my #MeToo story? Cos I come from a country where nobody listens to you until the worst has happened,… Continue reading

Announced the Scholarship for 2018 #VoiceYourHopes

While other initiatives for African students are still underway, the SHIP Africa pocket money scholarship continues in 2018. The deadline is the 30th of April, students in universities and secondary schools in Africa… Continue reading

#SHIPAfrica Mentorship Sessions are at Hand

African students gave us their best, now we are giving them our best. The mentorship program of the #SHIPCampaign seeks to link our top 5 winners with very established and prominent professionals in… Continue reading

Like All U Do on Facebook

If you Love Family…You’ll love All U Do on Facebook. Watch the siblings as they sing , play and celebrate family values…

Let’s chat…You, Me, And a Camera!

Our first interview is at 1:30pm with the top video entry, but let’s see.   We had great essays too, OMG 😲 😵, Nigeria, behold your thinkers!!! Your Researchers!!! The people who will… Continue reading


Financial Aid Scholarship. Don’t delay, visit the Facebook Page GOURMET FRENCH for all the info. Check out this video:  


Win N100,000 by being that one student that can help with ideas that will affect millions of students in Africa and improve the system of Education in Nigeria, the prize is N100,000 and… Continue reading

Starting With What You Have: The Scholarship

It has always been my dream to provide affordable or free education in my society, (to mention but one of these basic necessities I intend to help people with to improve their quality… Continue reading

Video of Birthday Celebration from All Over The World for Her Excellency Patience Ambode

Here’s a woman I’d like you to meet 🙂 Yes with all the unfair treatments in the world, there are still some people whose joy you share and whose testimony you celebrate from… Continue reading

Christmas 2015

I wish I knew where to start from but I don’t. Most times the deepest feelings of joy are the hardest to write about(of every emotion actually) I’m very surrounded by love. God… Continue reading