Enjoy Who You Are

I feel bad for you, for the girl, boy, trying to change who you are to fit a person’s expectations. One day that mortal will die, travel far away, or disappear, and you’ll be stuck with a version of you that you don’t recognise, a person you were not called to be.

We are not called to impress people, but sometimes we have to, still whatever happens, make sure you always keep a greater portion of your uniqueness, of who you are, because that’s who you will truly live with for the rest of your life :*

And whatever improvements you make, ensure that you are making them for yourself, cos you’ll never get bored with better versions of you.

Enjoy who you are!


Adding Value in Your Workplace

“We’re getting better, daring for more, building more confidence, more networks, more value everyday!” – Love Aludo


Every time you contribute to the success of an organisation, you contribute to yours.

You’re a high-flyer
You’re a go-getter
You’re an extra-miler
You got wealth of experience,
You’re a trouble-shooter.

It really is about you,
So pursue excellence and enjoy the journey.

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Getting Your Life Back

If you get so bent out of shape that you forget who you are, at least don’t forget who God is.

Scriptures say that they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits, stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

If things don’t work out this time, who knows, they could work out the next time, and if this particular endeavour still yields nothing, don’t get mad, don’t get mad at God, don’t be mad at yourself, this heavenly Father knows how to make it up to you, and He will.

So go back out there, don’t quit, put your make up on, get your hair ready, face the world, look straight in the mirror and remind yourself of whose daughter/son you are.


#SHIPAfrica Africa and the Girl (International Day of the Girl Child)

In many African communities, girls are still not considered children. They do not need to be sent to school, they have no inheritance and sometimes their mother is sent away for not being able to bear a male child. As if boys are better. Words will fail me to recount all the episodes we have had, for being just girls, at the time.

Empower girls, empower women, educate communities!

#SHIPAfrica Celebrates the International Day of the Girl Child

Empowering women is not about feminism, it’s about humanity.

Let the little girl know, access to information, education and laws that protect women should be promoted.

What are you doing about it?

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#SHIPAfrica Mentorship Sessions are at Hand

African students gave us their best, now we are giving them our best. The mentorship program of the #SHIPCampaign seeks to link our top 5 winners with very established and prominent professionals in Nigeria/Africa to enable a mentor-protege relationship for growth and personal development, especially career-wise.

To be part of it please look out cos in February 2018, the scholarships will rollout again

Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you winners, thank you judges, thank you mentors 🙂