It’s Love, Hovasabee, still in awe of God’s love…

Please stay connected to http://www.loveaudo.com and to http://www.soultochrist.blogspot.com in times when this blog doesn’t seem up to date…

And ermm..please read tweets too…

I’m just trying to impact my world from wherever I am with what I have through Christ who strengthens me.


Not perfect, still learning…amazingly in love with God…unconditionally, yea, sometimes he can be kinda hard-to-understand but I’d rather be in love with Him unconditionally..

To join the French Channel on BBM, try one of the following:

•Type FRENCH FOR SUCCESS on your BBM channel search field

•Use this link http://pin.bbm.com/C0047378C

•Just search using Channel PIN C0047378C

To join the Faith Love Hope Channel, Please try the following

•Type ‘Gospel According to Love’ on your BBM search

•Use this link http://pin.bbm.com/C004D3513

•Just search using the Channel PIN C004D3513 

God never fails…need to hangLOVE ALUDO_WHAT IF up now cos when I start talking about Gods love, it’s hard to stop…




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