With all the respect & love I have for influencers & celebrities in Nigeria, I think it’s time they started fact-checking products before agreeing to endorse.

You operate in a country where people don’t read no more, the vast majority of FMCG buyers are illiterate and depend on celebrity photos and videos to influence their decision to purchase.

A time is coming when if the company gets sued, you will go down with them as an accomplice.

Because you sold the very lies of the fraudulent brand to the people even faster than the brand itself.

That’s like being paid to kill.

You have put in the work, followed your journey, hustled and come this far. Don’t ruin it by working for dishonest brands.

And as a so called brand Ambassador, you should be open to reviews, we live in a democracy, there’s also danger in deleting helpful negative feedback that could save millions of lives and leaving only those that promote the false image of the brand.

Henceforth, I won’t do that “NA YOU FIRST SEE AM?” and allow a brand to have fun at my expense.