Nigeria could graduate from “underdeveloped” category if we are lucky to have good government for once.

Good government means everyone enjoys the good life for less.

Having lived in several developed nations, (lived, not visited), I have come to understand that their citizens do not place so much emphasis on how much they have in their bank accounts, and while a certain lady tried to be racial towards me, I hit her with the “your people are illiterates” line, yes, that was during my days in Italy, she replied saying “at least there are jobs for people without university degrees.” Don’t misunderstand this, Italy is still at the bottom of the food chain in Europe but at least their poorest functionally illiterate person can make about 700-900€ monthly.

Although good government makes Europeans lazy, especially in France where the young people I spoke to really do not care about ambition and big dreams because their government takes care of them, poverty and bad government makes citizens of poor nations unhealthily competitive. (India, Nigeria, Philippines, etc).

In Nigeria too, like in India, love and marriage are centered around the economic value of a partner, where they work, who their father is, how big the wedding could be, etc. I met a Danish lady while she was touring in Italy, we had this discussion and it almost seemed strange to her.

Wedding guests at a Nigerian wedding, Foreigners may call it lavish, it’s our normal

In Europe, people love for love or for sex or for the moment, and no musician is singing “Hello Baby have you sent it”🎶🎵 because in Nigeria, almost everyone is looking for someone who can be a source of financial support. We should be past that.

Even if we all had cars, the quality of cars would be a base for competition whereas in the Netherlands, they are riding bikes with joy…and they are richer than you Nigeria.

Everyone having cars would even mean more carbon emissions, more traffic locks, less parking space, more expenditure on maintaining a car. What if we had functional trains, trams, metro trains and buses…🤷🏽‍♀️you could leave your car at home and still appear fresh at your appointment.

One of the Trams in Orléans, France , the perfect first impression on good public Transportation abroad that I ever had


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