Editor’s thoughts:


#ATIKULATED AND BUHARISED: current trends in Nigerian Presidential election discussions. Buharised is sth I just coined.

🇳🇬So from what I have gathered, we are experiencing a case of yielding to tantrums.

I have just heard that “Atiku is the only other strong candidate whose success as President will not lead to riots from the North if Buhari loses”. That’s why people would prefer to be Atikulated or Buharised…if Buharised exists.

Nigeria…this is similar to rewarding the stubborn child with attention.

In a country that’s divided by region and religion, we are paying more attention to these two without regards for region or religion, not because we know Peace and Unity, (President and VP positions still respect these alternations), but to avoid riot. ❎

There are other worthy candidates in less popular parties…but of course, Duvergers Law🤷🏽‍♀️…and those candidates have lesser chances of winning, because Duvergers Law 🤷🏽‍♀️.

So many of you support these top 2, not because you like them, but because if either wins, there will be no bloodshed. We have come to this. A President of over 190million intimidated people….Nigeria is too great, too large and too unique for just anyone to rule.

What we are about to do now is called INSINCERE VOTING.

🇳🇬Turning up at the polls to vote can increase our chances of getting the ‘other guy’ that we want…but that’s if there’s any justice and no rigging. But just going to polls and gathering enough numbers for a ‘neutral’ or ‘third guy’ can help. That is, so many votes that it becomes difficult to rig…but that’s if you want someone else.

🇳🇬Again…educating northern youths about elections, political participation, free and fair elections and the spirit of sportsmanship will also help. It’s not about “our man” “your man”…it’s about Nigeria’s man.

These youths too wouldn’t be able to tell white from black if an Edo man came to them with their name (Murtala Mohammed👮🏾‍♂️) or if a Christian was named Yakubu Gowon, as long as they identify or share similarities with the North.

Nascent Democracy? But we know what we are doing. Why are you really voting? I’m worried. I’m worried about this degree of fear. It’s a new nother level.