Not only in Nigeria, and not just in Africa, a lot of patients world over put more confidence in male doctors than female.

In the beginning, there were only male doctors, and Nurses were majorly nurses, till today, some people carry this image in their minds and there are patients who categorically insist on having a male doctor. Some go as far as refusing that a female doctor touches them. This was depicted in one of the episodes of the Senegalese series C’est La Vie!

However, according to Dr. Rob Schmerling, in a 2017 Harvard review,  JAMA Internal Medicine reported that older adults admitted to the hospital fare better if under the care of a female physician rather than a male physician.

The study was large. Nearly 1.6 million hospital admissions among people covered by Medicare were analyzed for deaths within 30 days. Another 1.6 million admissions were analyzed for readmission within 30 days. When comparing care provided by male to female internists, the results clearly demonstrated small differences that consistently favored the female physicians:

  • Deaths within 30 days of admission occurred in 11.07% of patients cared for by female physicians while 11.49% of patients cared for by male physicians died in that timeframe. Read more.


In the area of obstetrics and gynecology, women are more comfortable discussing such intimate matters with female doctors. While some women prefer female doctors for religious reasons, sometimes, it’s just their personal preference.

Medicine, Engineering, and some other previously male-dominated disciplines are now being filled by women, the change, however slow, is here to stay.

But do think that gender preference is an issue in the medical industry?