Are teenagers turned away from pharmacies when they want to buy contraceptives?

Does your community or school teach abstinence or does it teach contraceptives?

Is this topic forbidden completely? Please LET US KNOW.

Sex education can be linked to educational development of children and young adults, so that they do not make uninformed decisions and have babies that can preoccupy them early in life and keep them from achieving their dreams or so that they will not be exposed to STDs.



In Kenya, for example, “parents traditionally do not talk about sex with children. Teachers uncomfortable with sex education: pick what to teach. Government’s latest AIDS curriculum excludes condoms. Most churches and elders oppose contraceptives education for youth: believe leads to sexual immorality. Catholic churches preach HIV virus can pass through condoms. Many health providers reluctant to give youth contraceptives: believe encourages promiscuity.”

In and out of school youth should be informed about sex to help them make their decisions and be responsible youth and adult.

What is your opinion on the matter and at what age do you think we can start letting children know about sex and sex education, seeing that the rate of child abuse is increasing, I believe that children should be taught to be assertive in this regard too, so they can speak up if any relative or adult molests them or attempts to.

Do you agree?




(Photo of Jemima Osunde from MTV shuga naija)
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