SHIP Africa And The Push for More Women in Parliament #SHIPAfrica

Our 2019 election dream for Nigeria would include leadership that ensures Stronger Legal Protection for Women, and laws that favour women.

To achieve this, we would also hope to see more women in parliament, the larger the number of women representing women interests in parliament, the greater the impact.

Nigeria is a country that should set the pace in positive advancements such as this.

While our voting system and our deeply patriarchal culture does not fully support women in decision making, we have observed that there are eligible women, and women appointed into strategic offices, if only we can get the Nigerian electorate to vote women, then their political races would be sure to secure them seats both in parliament, and in gubernatorial offices.

Prominent Nigerian women in business, entertainment and politics may portray the idea of freedom for women in Nigeria, but these women are from a generation or environment where there is a higher level of female education and support for the female gender. There are a lot more rural communities compared to big cities in Nigeria, and this is where we have the ugly everyday reality of what women are subjected to, because there are no strong laws that specifically protect them especially in cases of work leave, divorce, widowhood, child support, social and economic protection, domestic abuse and violence.