Umene Stopped the Bully

All the kids went out to play in the park.

Jakes, Sharon, Ejay and Ubaju.

“You look like a flower” Ubaju said to Sharon

“Thank you” replied Sharon

“But you look like a flower” Ubaju said again

“Thank you Ubaju” replied Sharon again

“I did not say it to make you feel happy. All girls are flowers, you are not strong” said Ubaju and he pushed her to the ground and laughed.

“Haha…you are not strong. You are weak like a flower”

Sharon was crying and Ejay felt sorry for her. Jakes did not see what happened. He was playing with his dog.

Then Umene came from the top of the hill and saw the children in the park. Umene was a happy little girl that lived near the park.

She heard the children playing and now she heard a little girl crying. So she came to find out why.

“Why did you beat her?” Umene asked

“I did not beat her” Ubaju replied

“Why did you make her cry” Umene asked

“I did not make her cry, she fell down and started crying.”

Then Umene turned to Ejay and asked:

“What happened to your friend?”

“We were all playing, and Ubaju called Sharon a flower and he said all girls are flowers and he pushed her to the ground”. Ejay explained.

“You must never make a girl cry” Umene said “We may look like flowers, but we are very strong”.

“Then why did Sharon cry? She should have pushed me back if she wanted to show me that she is not a flower”

“That is because she is a good girl. And she has a kind heart.

“If she pushes you back, you will get hurt and the two of you will get in a fight. Fighting is bad. 😑

“You must apologise to Sharon”. Umene said to Ubaju.

“I am so sorry Sharon😣” Ubaju said

“It’s alright Ubaju” Sharon replied.

Then Sharon said to the new girl Umene “Thank you for your help”😀

Umene replied : “It was nothing. It is good to help people in trouble”

“Will you be our friend?” Ejay asked

“Yes. 🤗Thank you.” Umene replied. “My name is Umene, I live close to the park, you can come in and play with my toys”.