I ditched myself, yea, I have broken up with the old header. I humbly say that through my works, I have had the rare opportunity to reach numerous young people, affect lives, advise people, help in certain ways, and it will be a disservice to my community online and offline if I do not give many others opportunities to be part of this. So a new team is here. And they have our trust, we have high expectations for them, and they weren’t chosen because they are perfect, but because they have got talent.

So here is our old header:


And here is our new one…


Ok, not too different, but will be soon, when we change the pictures…

They will also be sharing great moments with you on the Facebook group and lounge Nigerian Women Marketplace

Join us there too.

Ok, I am super excited.

Please note that the opinions of our team members are theirs, feel free to share yours in the comment sections when they post.