Does Drinking Lemonade Whiten Your Teeth?

You know, those veneers can be expensive, and this post is not about whether Gabrielle is wearing veneers or not, but they cost about 1500 dollars a tooth, quite a fortune for me for now…abut are lemons an alternative?

I dread lemons because of all the other powerful stuff they can do outside of our eating tables, like clear skin imperfections, clean off rust from metals, wash away enamels from your teeth, causing tooth erosion.

But they are powerful antioxidants because of the vitamin C in them, and they are good for the body too, some doctors have suggested to drink them with a straw to protect your teeth, but a little quantity now and then, drinking from the glass, can give your teeth some glow, the key is, do it in moderation, all other factors considered, like also reducing the teeth discoloring foods that you consume.

Because it works, but could have some bad effects and weaken your teeth if you do it all at once for quick results.





This post was inspired by my breakfast, or maybe lunch, because it’s 1.30pm in California.

Grilled chese sandwich and avocado with lemonade..