Osas Dress : Best MetGala Dress Anywhere in the World

I still have no idea why Nigeria had an Oceans 8 Met Gala hashtag Take Your 8 and I am not going to do a research on that, puhleaseeee, if you know why, let me know too, I have so little time for my more serious academic researches and I cannot be meddling in other not my business business although I am doing it now.

But my point is, Osas, I love you for the choices you made around this dress especially your faith in an unknown designer, and I want to say just one thing, and even if you don’t read beyond this point, just get this one message:

“If this dress does not own an honorable spot in an African reputable museum, then you have not done justice to the dress”.

Big Well Done to Africcana and the other designer that worked on the dress, you guys are out of the box creative and I feel proud to be Nigerian again, and I am filled with so much hope for our future, ok, I am talking too much, some of you would be like “it’s just a dress, relax!”

Ok, dear Osas, after all the accolades, our main question is, how did you sit wearing that??

“Dear @officialosas
Your dress is the begining and the end of #metgala home and abroad…no kidding.

What inspires me about this dress is your use of unknown or unpopular designers. There is a lot to learn from this move, how you took this risk or how you could trust them or why you chose to support ‘small businesses’ and ended up with a dress that made everyone exclaim… the mockingjay’s fire dress was all CGI, your dress is the real wonder👑

I hope you like my sountrack sha😁

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