Single or married?

Once any variation of this question comes in, you already know you are about to be discriminated against. Gender discrimination, we are not done yet.

But alongside, in Nigeria, we have age discrimination, and body type discrimination, where you have to look big or plus sized to earn some respect. And among everyone else, someone could single you out to ask “How old are you?”


What should it matter? I am not retiring soon, I do a good job, let’s keep producing results. When will women stop being disrespected or marginalised because they look good? How much fatter or uglier should I look before you accept my valid opinion over that of the fat lady or man with white beards who made no point?


“I’m sorry, can you repeat that? I wasn’t following, your beauty is distracting.”


“See this smallie?” Smallies are doing big things all over the world and smallies send you emails from these branches abroad, mails that get you running like headless chickens and ordering everyone else around to get the work done, the smallies are probably less than half your age because they graduated on time, no JAMB,no strikes, but you wouldn’t guess that.

In a country like Nigeria, where does one blow the whistle?

Do you know anyone who has ever been in any of these scenarios?