Are you considering butt-kissing for the next level?

“Whenever you are too worried about someone’s approval, that person loses respect for you” – Sherry Argov

We disregard our true selves and discard our authenticity when we are only focused on fitting into a person’s definition of ‘good enough’.

Nobody is perfect enough to require so much of you, and from the perspective of the one whose favour you are seeking, they might start to wonder if you don’t have any ideologies, methods or philosophies of your own.

Sometimes saying no is attractive, having a different or better opinion and having the right way to say it even at a meeting is impressive. You might get fired, rejected or hated if you fall out of love with your ‘god’, but you need to live life on your own terms , you’ll only do this life once, don’t do it in someone else’s shadow!

P.S: There is a right way to kiss butt and I will share it soon