Monthly Archive: February, 2017

Starting With What You Have: The Scholarship

It has always been my dream to provide affordable or free education in my society, (to mention but one of these basic necessities I intend to help people with to improve their quality… Continue reading

I wanna start telling my story: The night I walked away

I’m not burdened, people just might learn…I love my aunt, and I have always made up excuses for the way she behaved towards me…so this is not to make her feel bad, you… Continue reading


IF YOU OWE SOMEONE, and you know you cannot pay, it’s better to ask for mercy than to give false hope or to ignore them or insult them when they ask for their… Continue reading

Best way to Learn Languages: This has worked for my students!

  Hellooo, If you don’t know where to start from or you have hired a teacher and you still can’t speak the language you are trying to learn, this video will get you… Continue reading