Starting With What You Have: The Scholarship

It has always been my dream to provide affordable or free education in my society, (to mention but one of these basic necessities I intend to help people with to improve their quality of living).


My life is not perfect,…yet…but I have always had the culture of sharing my resources with people who have less, who need it, people I know and those I don’t. My siblings and I learnt it from our parents.

I had a friend of mine from my department in my previous University place an announcement for applications for Financial Aid for students from low-income homes in the Department’s Facebook Group.

I didn’t want them to know it was me, and they had to send the essay “How Education Has Changed My Life” to an email address that I have, and I’m sure they wouldn’t guess was mine. I graduated in 2011, so they wouldn’t guess…I think, I’m sure.

Another friend of mine wants me to make it a real scholarship with my name attached to it, but I’m like, I really just want to share from my own monthly scholarship money for now, I’m not some rich lady (yet) trying to give away a huge sum. I want to start with connecting first of all, starting from my own home university where I graduated from, to connect with someone like me, someone who is eager to learn, who seizes opportunities, someone who needs the cash to live relatively more comfortably while they study, and not to stress about the many financial cares of this world…lol

When I was still in the University of Benin, I would just walk up to the freshman class in my department and reach anyone I was led to with what I had, just to encourage them.

(In another post I will share with you how somehow in 2015, one of the students in 100 level I encouraged with a small cash gift (in 2008) for being a good goalkeeper for our team, helped me in Abuja on the eve of my passport appointment (about 2 a.m September 2015), when I was stranded. I didn’t even know his name, but my friend Emmanuel kept calling his name as if I knew him and it didn’t ring any bell).

Giving is my life, education is one of my passions and this could get big in future, it will get big, but my dilemma now is, should I tell them it’s me? I have a good reputation in the department, but I don’t want too much formalities to slow down this process, the deadline is 30th March, no one has responded yet.

My friend who lectures in the department made an announcement to the students and some of them screamed “How Much?” I laughed and said “That’s cute but that’s not what I’m looking for. I want to connect with someone, someone who doesn’t care how much it is, someone who has a hunch and the passion and goes for it, someone like me, it sounds selfish but someone like me”. The amount is relatively big anyway, it’s my biggest giveaway, and I’m happy just thinking about it, knowing that I’m going to put a smile on someone’s face from behind the heavy drapes without showing my face I guess, and peep and watch as that person or those two students rejoice, as I do, everytime my application goes through.

Now I know what it feels like to be on the other side of a scholarship application, or perhaps. It seems small now, but I know it’s going to get bigger. And I’m glad already. It’s something I should have started as part of my NGO in 2015 before I left for school, but it’s never too late. Let’s help improve someone’s life, let’s make education less of a burden, let’s promote a good cause.



I wanna start telling my story: The night I walked away

I’m not burdened, people just might learn…I love my aunt, and I have always made up excuses for the way she behaved towards me…so this is not to make her feel bad, you will never hear her name in the story, just take it as a random

i will never forget that night it got too much I had to leave. I called Irene who was no longer in Abuja, just told her I had to leave but I had nowhere to go. She spoke to her boo, now her husband, he called a friend in London who had sparekeys with a relative in Abuja, he asked his friends in Abuja to come pick me and give me the keys to the house.
That night, I was not even confused, I would rather be with those strangers than to spend another minute, I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me, but I couldn’t wait. I started moving out my stuff, already packed since more than a week ago. Mummy was the only reason why I hadn’t left. She said don’t leave when there’s a problem, families don’t leave like that.
All these family norms and traditions that only make you a sheep headed for the slaughter and nobody gives you credit for but instead you will be judged for having stayed because the food and the accommodation are free. It was sad that I couldn’t eat. If I ever slept, it would be because my aunt had travelled. My life was mops and kitchen as long as I was under the roof. Everything that went wrong was technically my fault, you must never tell your elders that they are wrong, or try to reason with them, it is always you. This is Africa. And I’m just a troubled sad young girl…lol
I never want to speak about it, because of family, you never want to write, you don’t want to be the unforgiving one, but I have forgiven, I just can’t forget, and everytime I see a mop, I remember, everytime I’m in the kitchen I remember. Everytime I see a travel bag…I do, I remeber that night the way my cousin helped me carry the last box on his head, it contained my books, it was the heaviest. I was touched. But I couldn’t stay… “what are you waiting for now?” he asked, as he stood out there by the road with me, waiting for nothing in that very awkward silent moment.
“Some guys are on their way, I don’t even know what they look like”
A car pulled over,a buff guy stepped out, in sort of a bluish short sleeve tight polo, “Are you Love?”
And then he started loading the boot with my stuff, he and the one who was previously behind the steering wheel.
They drove me to this house where I was all by myself, they helped me take my stuff in, gave me a tour, called the guy in London to say that I was ok.
“Call us if you need anything”
And then they left… I never called, I never needed anything…I just needed new air, and I had it. That night I listened to music, cried and prayed and asked God to help me forgive. It didn’t happen easily but it took about a year, now when I think about it, I smile, and if I write about it, it’s just because my heart wants to let the story out.
Always choose happiness, create it, force it, and share it.


IF YOU OWE SOMEONE, and you know you cannot pay, it’s better to ask for mercy than to give false hope or to ignore them or insult them when they ask for their right.

IF YOU VOWED IN CHURCH or pledged to pay or you owe tithe or offering, sincerely ask GOD for mercy and move on, don’t let any pastor or spiritual leader make you believe that you will be under a curse or God will visit you with judgement or the following bad things that will happen to you are your punishment for not fulfilling your vow.
KNOW THIS Jesus gave a parable of a king that forgave a huge debt. He was only mad that this forgiven fellow did not forgive his mate who owed him less. God does not need your 50k, so don’t think He is having sleepless nights planning your revenge.
IF YOU OWE SOMEONE AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT TOOK THEM TO GIVE YOU THAT STUFF, and you know how to get the cash to repay them, don’t be heartless, pay up, or beg them to understand and extend your due date or plan to pay in installments, just don’t ignore them, remember Scriptures, He that repayeth evil for good, evil will never leave his house, Prov 17:3
If you somehow pledged in church and cannot pay and asked God for forgiveness and you moved on, but you will not forgive someone who owes you less and has actually begged you (although some people are to proud to beg for forgiveness) then that’s where the problem lies.
IF SOMEONE OWES YOU and you know they are too wicked or to broke to repay you and you automatically forgive them, or even pray to GOD to provide for the broke ones or have mercy on the evil ones, just believe that God who sees the heart, will definitely repay you, so if you can, let it go and if you go to the law concerning the wicked ones, you won’t be wrong! And please, if you owe, pay up or humbly ask for reconsideration.

Best way to Learn Languages: This has worked for my students!



If you don’t know where to start from or you have hired a teacher and you still can’t speak the language you are trying to learn, this video will get you on the perfect start to accomplish that multilingual dream you have or that you need your child to fulfil.

I hope they help you as they have me!


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