Monthly Archive: January, 2017

Selfies are Legally Binding…

I woke up sick but I remembered not being able to attend in Rome cos I was sort of ill too


First Institutional Visit in Madrid

We were at the Constitutional Court of Spain today. I’m in my best behaviour…lol…the pose.

Don’t Panic, Take it Easy, It will pass

This may not work for everyone but here’s my story, Toward the end of last year, I was super stressed. O I thought I was going to just fail all my exams and… Continue reading

Guys I’m culture-vlogging now, please stay hooked!

Check out this cool video: That’s my youtube vlog, please like and subscribe…and I’ll do better, plus I need your suggestions and comments  too for that…gracias!

Handheld test

​ Just updated the app n I wanna know if the problem has bn fixed…so if u see thus…just a test. Gracias

Your Life happens once in a Lifetime

You can be everything you want to be if there’s enough time, and if someone believes in you and supports you. With kind words, a helping hand, a network, some money or an… Continue reading