Today’s date was amazing, 🙂  but it’s just a number, no he’s not.

He’s not just a number, I don’t know if it’s going to last or not, they hardly ever do. Just say no to sex or when they get handsy and you’ll never see them again.

And I don’t know if this guy’s just really cool or building up and marking time, but he seemed really cool.

Before I went out to meet him I had told my friend that look, he and I had a chat fight this morning,(actually I was the only one venting) and he’s acting really normal, I have to wear bullet proof tonight cos it looks like he wants to snipe me…lol

What started it? I asked him to resend any messages I may have missed since Samsung cleared my entire phone (apps, contacts, whatsapp, etc) and he sent me a screenshot. Behold, he saved my number as “Niger”…and it was funny but I kinda got mad like “I’m not even sure you know my name” called him stupid, said I didn’t want to be his friend anymore, then I came back and said I was sorry, but I still don’t wanna be your friend anymore, and he said cool.

We already planned a date for tonight so I thought it would be over, but it wasn’ttttttttt. Since we’re cool again (how many times have I used that word?) I went out, we had a nice time, and i didn’t get a whole bunch of what he was saying because I’m still learning Italian, but thanks to Google translate, we still had so much fun. And then at some point, he said in Italian “this is the same girl who called me stupid today” I heard that, and we just laughed, in a scary movie that would be the part where he would pull out a gun.

Why am I so dark?

I don’t wanna know. Well, one thing he doesn’t know is that I’m leaving Rome soon. I ran my mouth with other guys and they didn’t want nothing to do with the unkissable untouchable temporary girl, I don’t want to ruin this with my mouth so…I like you, but I cant tell you I’m leaving, and this might hurt but…today’s date was awesome…14 days to go

I know it’s mean but, it’s my dilemma.