First ever HIV test today.

The conversation that ensued before it was funny, so, in order to avoid anything pretentious, (cos mostly all the time really interesting conversations take place during and before and even after events like this in my life) I’m going to develop the story in the third person. And my name will be Mennie.

Didn’t know it was going to be a HIV test, thought it was just checkup, general checkup but… Mennie’s story will be completed tomorrow.

I’m very very very happpy and grateful to God, what could have happened?

Yea, I would have kept it to myself but what could have happened if it were positive?…I should never think about it, just thank God for every miracle, it is well. 😀

Thank God for life, I pray we make the most of what we have whether it is disease-free or whether we feel it’s almost over…keep a good attitude. Thank God in everything! Thank you JESUS! 🙂 Love u till death Lord

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