Daddy remembers…

I'm not chubby, God gave me happy

I’m not chubby, God gave me happy cheeks…lol

More than twice in the past two years, including 2015, my dad would encourage me by reminding me of those things I did for God as a child. He’d list them all and I’d  start crying and then he’d add that God has not forgotten, and God is not unfaithful.

Tonight, I was just remembering, 7 year old me, gathering kids in church to come around for evangelism and hospital visitations, I think the world was safer then and parents had more trust…we walked far and wide with no adult, one time we got carried out of a hospital while we were praying, haha each time I tell that story, i keep saying “I don”t know how we got outside the hospital” we were carried by the nurses…lol.

I remembered those songs I wrote and taught the kids, small and short as I was, and I’m smiling as I write this. Those plays we acted. Those days of Andrew, Bolaji, Philipa, Ejiro and many whose names I don’t remember, we were eight,but mostly us 5.

Yea, I was a stubborn child but it’s funny how daddy remembers this and always uses it to encourage me in tough times that God never forgets me, and then he reminds me of seriously awkwardly tough situations that God has brought me out of before…immediately after the last big miracle, my youngest sister said “Love, it’s principle, show me the way”, I said there is no principle dear, it’s grace, remember, not of works…and she said “No, Love, this one is definitely by principle” and then she too talked about one thing I did loooonnnggggg agooooo, i don’t know if I should say it. I was a child, and it was awkward, in fact it was awkward to the point that even the Pastor thought it was a missing item…I’d given it to God, I loved it, but…cant explain…

i’ll keep that for another day,but really, I may have done many weird weird things and made sacrifices just because I love this God but I feel, He always brings me out cos He is God. And he knows deep in my heart who I am, my motive and He is committed to a plan.

God is committed to a plan for your life so hang in there, God has not forgotten your labour of love. If my earthly father remembers, amidst all those times I was a strong-willed and stubborn child, lol, (good stubborn not bad stubborn..still stubborn 😀 ) I’m sure God will never forget you, nor his plans for you.