Crazy and a Break…then Crazy as usual…lol

You know those moments when your crazy friends or playful sisters break out of the usual and place their arms around you (or maybe not, cos they’re mostly long distant) and tell you something encouraging, give you a boost, remind you of God’s interest in your life’s journey???…Those moments are priceless…you realise that amidst all the craziness and fun moments and jumping about or minding their own business, they got you…they got you…

And your reaction?

U smile, or sometimes cry..I do cry, lol, or just react like “Niggur wat is wrong with u now? Hope u ain’t high?”

Hahaha…I have a bunch of crazy friends who’d reply with “are u leaving us, why u saying this?”…hahahahaha….As for Loveth, she usually says “Wetin u don do now?” (What have u done this time?)…..I have some of the best and craziest friends and sisters in the world…brother too….brothers too….lots of guys, wonder why I didn’t end up as a tomboy πŸ˜€

Sometimes it’s no deep speech, it’s just using the privilege of a safe landing from a high cliff of thunderous crazy fun laughter to ask “How are you?” Right after that exhale that crowns a good laugh.

How are you?
No really, how are you?