Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Christmas 2015

I wish I knew where to start from but I don’t. Most times the deepest feelings of joy are the hardest to write about(of every emotion actually) I’m very surrounded by love. God… Continue reading

For Your Glory – Tasha Cobbs

I do love to pout. And many times, when I wake up, when I’m joyful, when I’m just back to my door from school or work< I go “A thousand kisses to you… Continue reading


First ever HIV test today. The conversation that ensued before it was funny, so, in order to avoid anything pretentious, (cos mostly all the time really interesting conversations take place during and before… Continue reading

Crazy and a Break…then Crazy as usual…lol

You know those moments when your crazy friends or playful sisters break out of the usual and place their arms around you (or maybe not, cos they’re mostly long distant) and tell you… Continue reading

Daddy remembers…

More than twice in the past two years, including 2015, my dad would encourage me by reminding me of those things I did for God as a child. He’d list them all and… Continue reading