There’s this something about the journey…

I have seen the result of hard work, and I have also studied that in every success story, there is always one thing that doesn’t rhyme; one thing that cause and effect cannot explain as it relates to effort put in, or determination, or any of those things they say bring success.

You may want to call it time and chance but I call it the Favour Factor. Something that God dashes you, it just happens in the journey and either makes you wonder why you’ve been working so hard or it makes your effort so worth the try.

It’s the opportunity, the happenstance, the somebody you meet, the somebody who believes, or the event that takes place just in time, or a gift, a door, an element of favour.

Nobody can fight this in your life. Envy, they might, because it’s usually not fair, but to a virtuous onlooker, your story says that there is still hope for them.

Never ever ever envy the ‘luck’ in a person’s life, there is more than enough undeserved favour from God to go around. Some of us work hard, and for some of us, it drops on our laps, cos as we all know, what works for another may not work for you.

But the truth remains, something will happen, or somebody, that will make that dream eventually come to pass.

Know your call, know your God, forget what people say, keep doing the good work and expect your favour factor, because it must happen. The waiting periods and the journeys may differ but it must happen, beyond your dreams. You’re allowed to keep your hopes up.

I am Hovasabee, and this is the Gospel according to love.IMG-20151008-16994-001