Thumbs are aching…lol

I know why I haven’t written here in a while 🙂 I’ve started chatting again, that way, the message is dispersed on chats with friends and acquaintances to meet specific needs and moments and discussions on career, marriage, spiritual life, love, human nature, grace, conflict resolution, dating, forgiveness, breakups, make-ups, hobbies, business management and personal development, etc…

I need to get in my centre again….there’s so much to write about but everything is happening so fast and I’ve been focused on my French Channel Beginners’ Honeymoon since the 14th of August, bt it ended yesterday. I guess I have some time now.

If you’re on BBM and u’d love to make your français pop, or you just want to learn french or join a french community on BBM or know someone who does, pls use this link or LIKE Gourmet French on Facebook

Bisous :*

Wanna add something? Feel free to drop a word


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