No One Ever Said Doing Good Was Easy…It’s Not Even In Our Nature

God help me.

I can’t afford to call myself a success when the people around me are not feeling it.

This is a humble cry. I know it won’t be easy so we pray for strength.

No one said loving was easy, nor doing good, nor being there for people…I know there are limits, but help us by your strength to be everything that Jesus requires of us.

We are not truly successful if the people around us are not experiencing success.

It’s human to go jungle-mode and look out for just oneself and one’s offspring, but it takes love to be superhuman.

That’s why they don’t understand us…it’s awful to love those who hurt you, to pray for those who persecute you or use you. The heart of man is desperately wicked…when you understand the meaning of the word desperately (when you’re at a desperate point in your life) it’ll help you understand the meaning of that scripture.

No one ever said doing good was easy…so if we still stick to selfishness, greed, analysis and judgement, envy, rivalry, cheating, always having our way..we are no better than animals, unrefined, selfish, like dog-eating-dog.

Love is what makes us more than human, but superhuman.

Love is the safest place on earth.

More love…Live Love

    Love till love is all you breathe…till not loving makes you suffocate, uncomfortable, barely alive.

God help us.