They’re not afraid of you

I learnt a hard lesson today, after going from person to post trying to get to an address in Lagos…

I have nothing to prove to anyone
I’m better and have more virtue than those who judge or criticise or doubt me or my worth

God made me special, sometimes I wonder if I should be in this wicked world, among mean and wicked people who misunderstand me, I may not be perfect but I have love, my love may not be enough for the whole world but compassion consumes me and it breaks me when I see so much hate.

So today I learnt something, about some people who are extremely careful about you, or me….Be more afraid of them than they are of you…naïve people got played,so they’re twice afraid, but dishonest people are really not afraid of you, they’re afraid of karma. They are watching their backs, they live in constant fear of being served.

It’s hard to tell the difference but in time…

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