Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Kinda flawed…

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Thumbs are aching…lol

I know why I haven’t written here in a while 🙂 I’ve started chatting again, that way, the message is dispersed on chats with friends and acquaintances to meet specific needs and moments… Continue reading

No One Ever Said Doing Good Was Easy…It’s Not Even In Our Nature

God help me. I can’t afford to call myself a success when the people around me are not feeling it. This is a humble cry. I know it won’t be easy so we… Continue reading

They’re not afraid of you

I learnt a hard lesson today, after going from person to post trying to get to an address in Lagos… I have nothing to prove to anyone I’m better and have more virtue… Continue reading


Melt me My heart is overwhelmed. I have questions with no one to answer.. All I hear is a repeat of things I already knew… I encourage myself… I’ve been too strong for… Continue reading