Gospel is my life, Gospel is my everything, and I don’t mean Gospel music, I mean giving hope through the love of Jesus Christ using everything I’ve got, wherever I may be, to people.


There is no competition in ministry.

But Love, Humility, and God-consciousness. The grace/anointing you respect and celebrate is the grace you attract.

What matters to man as indices for measuring ministry progress is not what matters to God most times.

You will be surprised to discover in heaven that God is not moved by multitudes and sizes. We will be judged by our works and the “motivation” of our works, yes every man’s work will be tried. What is your work? What is your calling?

I wish I could get into people’s heads when they compare TV ministers or church leaders by social media followership or size of congregation.


The coolest dude in the history of the world came to die for you. People flocked around Him even when He didn’t invite them, crowds, everywhere. Yet, He was humiliated, flogged to meat and stripped of his clothes for you, how cool are you really?

If they don’t think of you as the one who’s different at work, with whom they have to ‘think’ before talking because they know your ‘language’ is different, then maybe you don’t understand the grace and how God wants you to advertise it.

If you claim to love God and if you’re still hiding in the corner all modest and deceiving yourself with the “I’m not a social media person” line, you’re wasting the love. Boy, if you love me and your friends don’t know you got me even once, maybe you’re scared to hurt someone else’s feelings. I guess I shouldn’t use that example because some of us like to keep our private lives private (tongue in cheek) God’s love is not my private life, it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.

Use everything to propagate the gospel. Everything you touch, bear in mind “Father shine through me in this”.

When you’re excellent at what you do, it honours God, it draws men to you and gives you an opportunity to share your faith, with testimonies too. 😀


Everyone of us, called to the marvellous light, has a ministry. We are called to bear fruits. I’m not satisfied with sitting in church on Sunday and coming back next Sunday. I wanna live for God during the week outside the church, I’m not satisfied with the title “Church Worker”, and then outside the church, I do nothing for God.

Thing is…God hasn’t just called us to leave us the way we are, or to just keep blessing us and we’re not a blessing to others.
What about soul winning?
What about love?
What about hosting that life-changing event annually?
What about motivational tweets, nuggets, photos from time to time?
What about supporting the government to do the right thing or to do something good for the people in an area you’re passionate about?
What about giving?
What about hospital and prison visitation?
What about one-on-ones with strangers on the streets?
What about making sure that a particular cripple that you see everyday has something to eat as long as you’re still in the neighbourhood?
What about taking your work seriously even though you hate your job or your boss so people can see Jesus in you?
What about tailoring, cooking, or using whatever you do for a living as a platform?
What about a genuine concern for that prostitute till she’s on to a better life?
What about ministering to kids, or creating resources for teens to explain God’s love?
What about research on taking the Gospel to those who have backslidden?

I’m not satisfied with “church worker”, what’s my passion for God’s work and His people after we say the closing benediction?

We can’t be too many in ministry, and we’re not in a competition. In fact He said the labourers are few. So we can join hands…I can work with you and you with me. Paul plants, Apollos waters.

Giving a million naira to your orphanage whereas I have my own orphanage or ministry to run doesn’t make me superior and doesn’t make me look stupid.


I’ve been hammering on motive for sometime now.
I’m not trying to please God so that people know or assume or consider me a good girl.

I’m not in this to impress anyone, cos I’ll die of frustration if that’s the case. I know how high-maintenance impressing human beings can be.

Let the motive of our ministry be God. #PGF Put God first, and let anyone who is drawn to your light by your works join in, let those who want to walk away walk away, if blessings come in, fine, if people are saved, thank God.

People look at some of us who are not church workers as benchwarmers or less-saved or that we have no passion for God’s work and that’s just judgemental. God looks at the heart. Can we humbly really leave judging people to only God???


I’ve done things to get attention so I can preach the gospel, some things that some of my friends won’t be proud to hear, hahaha, and some will… And after that episode, I just smile and keep walking like. Whew! That was Great! Didn’t know I could ever pull that off!

After one such episode, I told a friend “some people are really not used to seeing a pretty girl talk openly about God..or even speak pidgin.. Lol”… Get used to it.


Thy Kingdom come, we are called to improve lives by advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth, Let Thy will be done… What is His Will?

Whatever His Will is, that is your ministry…we are gods!!!
We are love, they see us!!!
Let’s keep this light shining, everything for His Glory, God alone to impress!
“This is the way, walk in it”

Soulwinning, Hospitality, Singing, Good Deeds, caring for widows, supporting orphanages, supporting church ministries, funding a TV ministry, empowering women, building schools, writing books, dancing, creating job opportunities, owning football clubs for teens, endless endless endless ministries being delivered everyday, listen to the Spirit and Follow the Call.
(You can even pick from the ones I just listed above and pray about it, who knows, this might be God’s way for you to discover yours) 😀

Whether we find ourselves alone, working with our spouses, with our best friends or in groups, we should be fully convinced about our ministries, and hold on to them till death!

Some say we’re taking it too far, ionno, but Jesus really took it far when He came to earth just to live so He can die for me..and that death???… Smh, love story!

    I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! (Even though sometimes, I’m tempted to feel fear of embarrassing myself but my dear, we’re not here to impress anybody o, #PGF and if anyone is drawn to us by our works or lifestyle, we give the glory to God)

I am Hovasabee, and this is the Gospel according to Love 🙂