The CIRCUMCISION (For want of a better title)

True Story!

I remember when I took the DALF C1 exams, and I failed.

Not that I didn’t pass, I had the 2nd best score in that centre but I failed because in all 4 sections with 25 marks each, you had to score beyond 5points (abi, 5pts? Yea, sure) in each to be successful. To think that I, a corps member, ‘staff’, at the French Institute, of the French Embassy in Nigeria, was unable to score a 5 in one section… I just felt maybe someone messed me up, lol…or did I really not pass? Was it destiny?

So, the Director himself tore my name out of the result sheet on the board with a razor blade and had the sheets readjusted with a sellotape. Maybe he did it to save my face, or the face of the Institute, but something was saved, in fact the board was born again, one row was missing. The foreskin, the first man, hehe.

I took the exam again in June, I scored even better, but this time, I passed, and every other candidate failed, hehe, imagine when you’re looking at the remarks column and you see:

Refusé…all the way…etc etc etc

and it wasn’t a small difference, even those from francophone countries did not pass, I promise I’m not exaggerating… I’m not happy that everyone else failed, I’m just grateful to God because He likes to show off for His darlings. No more razor blades this time! I took a picture of the board!!!

God cannot be put to shame through His own, he knows how to turn the forsaken into a centre of attraction. He said so in Isaiah. I can’t forget people coming to the board to wonder who “the Love” was, and then they’d come in, and then someone would point the tiny me to them!*gentle face*puppy eyes* after the first time it happened, I kinda got used to it.

★I know it’s just DALF for some of you…, but there’s a message in this story.

If you’re still thinking about that failure, that loss, that setback, that rejection, and all your mates that are moving ahead, or maybe even that exam you keep putting forward because you’re scared you’ll fail, know today that God has a plan.

Yes, Lazarus died afterall, he’d been buried for 4days, did Jesus cry? YES, he had a whole verse of the Bible dedicated to his cry…
Was Jesus still able to raise him? YES!
Did you notice that Jesus stayed back where he was for two extra days even after he heard that Lazarus was sick? YES!
Did Jesus not love Lazarus? YES…
Are you still scared you’re going to fail that exam or that test or not meet up to someone’s expectation? Or thatsomeone you love might probably die ?

Even as Jesus said “this sickness is not unto death” Lazarus still died.

And Jesus still said to His disciples “I’m glad for your sakes that it is happening like this” and then, He said to Lazarus sisters “If you believe, you will see the glory of God”

Don’t ever stop believing, no matter how dead, disgraceful and hurting the moment may be… It is not unto shame, If you believe, you will see God’s glory!!!

I’m mere mortal, and I can’t make excuses for God and all the terrible things that you’re facing or afraid of now, I have my own experiences to overcome, and I will…I’m just an instrument and I don’t know what else you need to hear, just trust God already! Stop wondering how or when, play your part, and by His strength, you will prevail!

This isn’t one of those Don’t give up stories you hear everyday, but really, don’t give up on God! God’s going to use this to show-off through you, I know so! 😀

So forgive God, patch things up, let not your heart be troubled, a righteous man may fall seven times but seven times will he also rise.

Stay strong. There are too many exploits to be done by those who know their God. Don’t miss out on them because of the current disappointments!

God doesn’t do random, He’s a precise God. There’s a purpose for everything. Don’t worry, you’ll find out why in due time 🙂


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