What happened to love?

Everyone’s just scheming here and manipulating there, some of us are just trying to find love and be happy so can everyone else please stopping making the entire pack look bad?

I don’t know how love became a game or how we became so surrounded by all these unwritten rules, too many mind games, there’s an answer for every issue when you google it, from experience, cause and effect, it’s happened before, this is how it turned out…can’t we just let go and let love? Do we realise that people are different and what worked for another may not work for you?

What does it matter who falls first?…don’t you just want to be happy and enjoy the quality feeling of being a part of someone else’s happiness?

Are we still waiting for who buzzes first? Is this what it’s been reduced to?

What happened to love?

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Many times, I want to look some people in the eye as they pierce me and say “it’s me o, Love” but then I realise that they’re watching me bleed, standing in front of me.

Backstabbing is outdated, sometimes we’re so close, there’s no space to navigate to the back…and we’re close…my mouth is open but I can’t speak…I need to breath, I’m mouth-breathing…the water is deep…don’t watch me go under…take my hand…I’m saying it in my soul but I can’t speak…I need to breath , I need to speak… I want to come over this, overcome this…just say “hold my hand”…”do you still trust me?” “Can you still trust me?” Don’t say, just stretch yours, take mine…take mine I’m going under…

Suddenly, … strange sailors, it’s the angel I don’t know…they see me, they understand me, first aid, kiss of life, they see me…now I can speak but we’re not speaking, I’m with strange sailors…love boat…blood fades into water, water carries me…

They say blood is thicker than water, but I can’t drink blood, and I’m mostly made of water, no water no blood…so take me away, water carry me, love boat sweep me…and if a new blood is born, thank you water…blood is life, water is love..this love is better than life…carry me…make me come over, overcome this…

Love…Love lifted me…
My heart is heavy…Love…lift me…mouth-breathing…whispering…love…water…life…life…

It’s me..”Your Love”…what did I ever do?

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Redeeming the Time

Its 03:48:44 am

I don’t know how we got here, thought it was just past midnight.

Life will be long
Life won’t wait
One more birthday, one year short of time
You think you’re still too young
Well use the internet…someone younger somewhere has realised long before you that the heart can stop ticking at anytime, that we’re here to act, to pursue, to achieve, to love, to live, to leave a mark, to plant something that will outlive us…

    “There’s so much for me to be,to do,to have,to enjoy; to resign or surrender hope is to sin, to degenerate, to die”-Daisy Washburn Osborn {Woman Without Limits}

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I’m desperate about my dreams…maybe you oughta be too.

My desire for excellence is birthed out of my desire to give God glory…keep telling myself, “God cannot be put to shame through me” PGF, we’re not here to look at faces.

I can’t say “I will do anything to achieve them…” It’s His work, He’s runs this… But there are a few new things I have done and a few more that I can’t promise you that I won’t do… Cos I don’t want no shouldawouldacouldas, if I fail, the things I will regret the most would be the things I didn’t do, when I could and they would have cost me nothing, or little…no holding back…my dream is my love, and like I do love, I’ll do this, throwing in everything I got, no holding back…a little pride gone but on payday, we’ll remember…we’ll remember…it’s all coming back to me, better…

    2nd Cor 4:17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

She’s crazy, she’s desperate, it’s alright if God is on my side, Power to get ‘wealth’ huh? What’s all this energy for if I’m going to waste it?… I know what I heard…tell me about Noah’s Ark, Gen 6:15-22

    Trusting time and chance but living faith without worksIf I touch, If I touch…she was desperate…she pressed… Trusting grace, not of works, because all things are working for me, my job is to believe, so bless the WORKS of my hands

All that fragrance on Jesus feet, what was she trying to achieve? Did you just break the ceiling to let in a paralysed man? So just to get more wine, He told you His time hadn’t come yet you gave his disciples the reporting line…hmm…matrix organisation structure… The other lady who went Luke 18-ing on the judge for justice, he didn’t care, he didn’t fear God…but she got it! Moses was so die-hard, plague upon plague till His people were released…who turns back on the first NO these days?

    Dreams don’t die, people lose hope, scoring didn’t become harder, we learnt the rules and stopped thinking outside the box. Remember when you were younger and you thought that all things are possible? That’s how God wants us to keep thinking.

Child-like faith. But now we’re scared of what people will say. If you’re always on the lookout for the opinions of others, they will control you, confuse and mess you up. Many times they don’t even know what they want from you, their choices are controversial, their needs insatiable, you didn’t come to earth but for God’s glory, His purpose for you and His pleasure…..told you already, PGF, you understand the call better, it was you God spoke to, keep moving…Hope maketh not ashamed, you’ll get there…

Abraham didn’t know where he was going but he moved his family out, Joseph only had a dream but he moved his pregnant wife to Egypt, what was David thinking pouncing on a lion to save one tiny lamb? Did Jesus have to be so obsessed and consumed by His mission? To die? For love? For his Goals?

Are you still sitting down? As long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking God’s heart, make that move. I know we’re meant to soar but there’s something called Pressing toward the mark…determination. Do you have actions behind your faith?

I’m not asking you to birth an Ishmael, I’m saying borrow barrels even though you have just a jar of oil…that’s just crazy…but it tickles God…faith excites God…

We’re created for more, see big, see more, don’t limit God by lowering your expectations…stay humble in your journey but think Greater Works…Believe!

    Heb 3:19 So we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief.

Without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!!!

We wait, we cast our bread, we watch, we pray, we believe…

Sometimes He says stand still, sometimes He says move… Follow your call and encourage others to do same; more love, less judgement…When you hear a voice saying “This is the way, walk in it”…just walk…that’s the only voice you need for that season, for every season 😀

*Noah’s energy…Noah’s Ark…They laughed but He followed the call, I know what I heard…

I am Hovasabee, and this is the Gospel according to Love #GreaterWorks

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Two anniversaries in one weekend

The sweet and the sour…

July 18th to July 21st, 2014…

Who knew?
And I still believe…whether it’s sweet or it’s sour, July is always perfect…everymonth remains perfect

(Don’t worry, you can’t guess this, don’t bother dear, I’m just keeping a journal 🙂 )

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