Soul Mirror…

Lemme see...wish I could...

Lemme see…wish I could…

Hello imperfect,

Maybe not you…you’re too perfect, you can stop reading now.

So, back to the rejects…I hate that name, I’m sorry…that’s definitely not you, not me, not any of us.

Well, maybe you’ve been put down before. But have you ever imagined what you would look like through the eyes of someone who loves you? Someone who thinks you can do no wrong? Someone who is willing to cover your faults with love, love and more love? Someone who is willing to defend you in spite of what her friends say?

You want to take some time to go through Psalm 139 right now?

But before I added the Psalm 139 to the picture, the real question was to see what my soul looked like. I really wanted to know what God sees. I use the physical mirror like everyday, I see this flesh, this pretty face, thankfully, but I wanted to know if I was getting there, close to where God wants me to be in my walk with Him.

“Thank you for grace, but am I trying? Am I close?

Do I worry too much?

Is it wrong to try?

I’m not perfect…yet you love me, this love is too flattering…you love me so much, you gave your Jesus, even while I was a sinner…

How can I be perfect for you? You’re the only one I want to impress…

You love me…

Please send me a picture, a picture of us together, maybe an xray of me alone..but I know that with you in the photo, I’ll look super awesome, better than a photo with Obama, can’t even compare the two of you…

Send me a photo of us just sitting at home and chilling…imperfect me, in your holy perfect arms…

I wanna see…

Lemi know if there is anything I need to change, and lead me in way everlasting.”


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