Soul Mirror…

Lemme see...wish I could...

Lemme see…wish I could…

Hello imperfect,

Maybe not you…you’re too perfect, you can stop reading now.

So, back to the rejects…I hate that name, I’m sorry…that’s definitely not you, not me, not any of us.

Well, maybe you’ve been put down before. But have you ever imagined what you would look like through the eyes of someone who loves you? Someone who thinks you can do no wrong? Someone who is willing to cover your faults with love, love and more love? Someone who is willing to defend you in spite of what her friends say?

You want to take some time to go through Psalm 139 right now?

But before I added the Psalm 139 to the picture, the real question was to see what my soul looked like. I really wanted to know what God sees. I use the physical mirror like everyday, I see this flesh, this pretty face, thankfully, but I wanted to know if I was getting there, close to where God wants me to be in my walk with Him.

“Thank you for grace, but am I trying? Am I close?

Do I worry too much?

Is it wrong to try?

I’m not perfect…yet you love me, this love is too flattering…you love me so much, you gave your Jesus, even while I was a sinner…

How can I be perfect for you? You’re the only one I want to impress…

You love me…

Please send me a picture, a picture of us together, maybe an xray of me alone..but I know that with you in the photo, I’ll look super awesome, better than a photo with Obama, can’t even compare the two of you…

Send me a photo of us just sitting at home and chilling…imperfect me, in your holy perfect arms…

I wanna see…

Lemi know if there is anything I need to change, and lead me in way everlasting.”



To continue the series, please visit

To continue the series, please visit

This is for Believers : How you relate with God reflects in the way you treat your Lover, Spouse, or anyone you’re romantically attached to. It’s a commitment thing.

You can’t hide it. It just shows.

Don’t argue, just read.
Let me break it down, how they treat God is how they will treat you. Their relationship with God, is what you’re about to experience, the moment you say I DO.
It’s what manifests itself after the initial stage of obsession and excitement is over. It’s what constrains you when you’ve found someone prettier or shinier, and you feel you’re bored with where you are now.
Seriously, when you’re bored with God, where do you go?
People use that soup analogy to compare their monogamous marriages, when you’re tired of white soup, try black soup, but when you’re bored with God, where do you go?
Haven’t you been serving him all your life? ( For those who were born into christian homes) and won’t you be serving Him till you die? What’s your plan B?

How do you keep the relationship fire burning. Is God still on your mind just because He is like an all-you-need vending machine to you? Because He adds value, saves you from Hell? Aren’t you just a Gold-digger if you still serve God just because of what you can get from Him and what He does for you, not because He is your God?

*Can we talk about COMMITMENT&DEVOTION???

Imagine this…lol, what if God actually brings to us people who will be to us, EXACTLY what we are to Him. People who will make vows they can’t keep, constantly sin so that grace may abound…”baby I’m sorry, I promise not to do it again”, and then they do it again. People who buy no gifts, the way you bounce to church with no offering, people who are insensitive to the way you feel or the way you say you want to be treated…just the way you study the word and don’t do, or don’t even study the word, or don’t even take notes to church at all. What if God brings to you, someone who will never declare their assets to their spouse, or honour you with their earnings, the same way you don’t honour God with your tithes.
Someone who would wake up in the morning and step out without a kiss good morning, (the way you don’t pray before you walk out for the day), someone who would go all through the day without calling, texting, or videochatting to sing or blow a kiss (same way you can go all day without talking to God,). A life partner who go through with plans without discussing it with God, will also just go solo on you, you are married to them, yet they’ll keep springing up irritating surprises on you on some business plan they’ve gone far with and things like that). What if God brings you a spouse who misses appointments and dates all the time, the way you miss church for weird reasons that won’t make you miss work. Or only comes to you when they are sick, the way you only return to God when hard times hit you, or a disease, so that now you can nurse them, and that’s the only time you have their attention, people who can’t do more than 3minutes a day with you, the way you can’t pray for at least an hour or take time to sing quality praise to God. People who don’t care about your business, the way you don’t win souls, or people who never tell others that they are married, deny you so they can access some opportunities, the way you deny Christ or hide him when you’re with certain friends, so that you can get ‘lucky’, get a connection, or a job, or be able to taste the pleasures of sin for a while.

What if God brings you a lover who will tell you all the sweet words in secret, but outside, hmm, nobody even knows if they got you, nobody believes, they don’t even wear their rings, just the same way you pray in your room, but when you’re out in the public, people won’t even believe you know God, you’re just like them, you can’t even tell them about God, there’s just no difference.
What if God, in all of His justice, marks our transgressions and gives us exactly what we deserve? Aren’t you just grateful for grace? But does grace make a covering for lapses in your inability to relate with grace to other humans? Especially the one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, grow a ministry with and raise a holy generation?
Am I the only one who sees marriage as the continuation and propagation of a ministry that will span through generations? As Christ and the church?
If God were your wife/husband, would you still be alive?

Maybe not. But Our walk with God is one huge romantic relationship, with a God that loves us unconditionally and wants the best for us. Yet we treat Him like a mist, an invisible God, so merciful, we feel like anything goes, “Don’t worry, He’s God, He has grace, He will forgive”…

Can we try to ask “If God were my husband/wife, with the way I treat Him, do I still deserve to be alive?”
But we vow at the alter that our marriage is till death…would that mean death by spousal frustration, unrequited love or intra-marital neglect, disregard and loneliness?
*Can we talk about FELLOWSHIP&COMMUNION?… (To be continued)

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