Hovasabee Love

Yesterday at work, Joy asked me…

“Love, I’m just thinking…”


“Ok”…now she’s staring into space as if she were in a trance… “You have a boyfriend…and then he says ‘Hi love’, or ‘thanks love’…how would you know if it’s your name or it’s just love?”

And I just smiled and said “I think about it too… I just take it and don’t bother asking…”

Very good question… It’s easier in texting than in speaking. Because then, I know the small L would definitely not be my name…or maybe…I don’t know…like I said to her, I don’t bother asking… 🙂

I wish I knew the difference

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Still in the kitchen

Sooo….haven’t had much time for this blog yet, but we still got http://www.soultochrist.blogspot.com and although http://www.lovealudo.com is a quite ill now, it’ll soon be back on its feet again.

Still working on that song, Jagi, from my post in September…but we’re almost done.

I’m trying, Jopee’s trying, it’s just time…so, we’re almost there.

Stay blessed. Hope you’re good.