Translation of Okpolo Eye lyrics

Hey everyone,

I’m doing this for everyone who loves that beautiful song, but don’t actually know what the lyrics say, people like me who are new to the yoruba language too.

Aiit, check this out…can’t wait


Having frog eyes does not mean you are now a satellite 😮
And if you want to become a footballer, learn to start paying tithe now

*Then he speaks yoruba…please let’s skip to chorus.*

You will be sitting on the tree with your light atm card envying me because I carry bags and smile to the bank, even after my trips to (names of places).

Don’t pull me down, I like to show off the hairs in my armpit (This was in yoruba)

I can decide not to buy a shaving stick,it’s my money 😀

Don’t talk about me like a turkey
If you go to sip milk on my matter,
Will you eat my bones too?


A lot really went down in Oju elegba
…..Just humming the rest of the song

The End!

Okpolo eyes

Okpolo eyes

Wanna add something? Feel free to drop a word.



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