To the God who made the heavens and the earth, Jehova, Elshadai, the Great I am. Whose Throne will last forever, whose Kingdom will know no end, whose Glory knows no bound, the reliable God.

Omnipotent, God who shows up when no one else does, who gives us strength, when we need it, joy when we are down, dancing and celebrations unending.

Nobody knows me like you, Hovasabee
Nobody shows me favour like you, Hovasabee
Nobody loves me like you,Hovasabee
You raise the poor from the dust, and make them sit with princes, Hovasabee
You turn lives around, when people have written them off, Hovasabee
Husband to the widow, Father to the fatherless, the God who protects the baby in the womb, who tells the sun where to stand, who can count the stars, and the sands by the sea shores, and the hairs on our heads, Hovasabee

God who has showered me with favour, saved me ten billion times, showed up for me when I felt alone, what a thousand lips said could not be done, you outdid our expectations, outperformed yourself, broke your own records again and again and again, Oversabi God. You too sabi, you too do, when You step in, anything can happen.

God of lights, you too fine, everything beautiful and perfect comes from you, you too sabi, Hovasabee, mighty in battle, Hovasabee, you give us victory everytime, Hovasabee, when men say there is a casting down, you lift us up.

God that shows off for us, in glory and splendour, in fire we don’t burn, in floods we don’t drown, through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil, you are our oversabi.

You made the sun stand still, Hovasabi, You made an axe head float, oversabi, you turned five loaves of bread and two fish into a banquet for more than 5thousand men, you made the Red Sea part…Hovasabee…

You said we can do all things through you. You said we are more than conquerors, I’ve searched for a name to call you, that no one else has, I found Oversabi.

My life is an expression of your love and Grace. Everything I do, is through your love, your life in me, your Joy is my strength, you have done for me the things that money cannot buy. So I take this name, Hovasabee, and I put the word on the internet, I hope that when people search, they’ll find this, they’ll find me, they’ll find You.

Onye na churu ijiji na’anu n’eweghi odudu, the God that chases away flies from the tailess cow…if we could tell of your greatness, recount your wonders, testify of your grace, chi ge chi, chi ga’aboh, we will never stop, days and nights will wind around us….Hovasabee, You were, You are, and You are to come. Before all things, and in you all things consist. Who can match your infinite wisdom and greatness and majesty and power and strength!!!

Hovasabee: nobody can do pass God!!!

Most High, let your daughter sing this praise, Jehova, you too sabi…. Love Aludo, the Humdinger, aka Hovasabee, nobody can outdo God… So, I dedicate this name to you, and Jehova, here we go!

To God be all the glory, forever!!!