Cool ideas for work-life balance

Sorry about the crying gif…it’s overdone…u know Kevin :p

Yesterday, at past 8 in the evening, we was still at work. Tevin asked me “Hey Love, what peace do you look forward to when you get home? I don’t mean piss, I mean peace.”

“My bed” without mincing words, I replied.

So he looked at Campbell and said, “we spend all our lives here such that that after work and traffic, you’re too tired to eat at home or you may have probably filled yourself with junk, and the only thing you need is to sleep, so you can return the next day to continue the cycle.”

Not exactly his words, but that’s like the summary. I saved the bullet points on this post last week Friday, but yesterday, after my Q&A with Tevin, I decided to return to edit this post.

You work so you can afford a decent living, but the irony is that you spend all your life at work, that there is no time to enjoy what you work for. That’s what work-life balance contradicts. It seeks to balance the quality of working life with the quality of the broader life.

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