10 super ideas for work life balance

3. Compulsory break
Sleeping at your desk? Eating as you walk? Eating on the phone while speaking to a client? No-No. That’s not work-life balance? It’s just multi-tasking. Have a bell ring when it’s lunchtime, impose disappearance, I tell you. “Everyone out!!!” Go shopping, visit an aunt, see the real world, don’t waste my time though, just be back early. I know it’s not easy but I want to run a company where people are happy, not one where people fall sick all the time.

4. Compulsory shut down at closing time
Work is like an ever-flowing fountain. If you decide to sleep in the office tonight so that you don’t have to work tomorrow, just come tomorrow, something fresh will surface.

I’ve learnt, there’s a great number of people with a survivor mentality. And if you have a job in this part of the world, you’re very fortunate, you’ll kowtow and kiss butts to keep what you got. Hence we sacrifice family time, so we can keep paying the bills, we put in overtime without rewards, because we don’t want to push our lucks. Yea, I hear you, you love your job but if you could control it, you’d really have work-life balance. Don’t gimme that “I’m not a workaholic, I just hate to fail”, *hehehe, that’s my line*blush*

People are like machines, they break down too, and trust me, if you die, that company won’t shut down, there’ll be job ads, interviews, instant replacement. You can’t be too invaluable, go home!

5. Strict overtime benefits policy

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