10 effective ideas for work life balance

5. Strict overtime benefits policy
That’s what I’m saying. Work-life balance. I work, I get paid, I work overtime, I get paid for overtime, you can’t give me a query for coming late if you won’t reward me for leaving late. That’s not balance, that’s “that’s your problem!” but it’s not my problem really, it’s your problem, our problem, and even though you hired me to proffer solutions, I don’t want to to be another Boxer, from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, who kept believing that things will get better if he worked harder. We know how it ended for poor Boxer, the workhorse 😦

 I work hard, but the thing with the corporate world is that nobody cares how many rivers you had to cross before you finally got to the lake with the exact kind of crayfish you were looking for, in summary, “We don’t pay you for efforts, we pay you for results”. That’s what I heard. Kapiche?

How balanced is this?

6. Functional cafeteria with free good food
Yep Yep, people say “if it’s free, it’s got to be of a lower quality”, I say the best things in life are free!!!*dancing* He quotes Law #40, I say this obligation is not hidden, I spend almost my whole life here.

 Is your air of a lower quality? Abi you get another thing wey pass air wey you put for somewhere? Free food is not just for unfortunate disaster victims, contrary to what people think. If my boo takes me to a 5-star resto and I eat that qualitee shee for free, who says it’s worthless because I didn’t pay a dime? Somebody is paying for it, so don’t gimme that…besides, this one isn’t that free, I work here. TANSTAAFL…*google that* Free Lunch doesn’t exist, it’s a myth.

Call that corporate catering company, they’ll handle it. My pastor always says “Eat ooooo *pulling his ear* If you don’t eat, you can’t think!!!”

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