10 cool ideas for work life balance

1. Reclining chairs and a soft room

Body no be wood. We want chairs that obey, that make us feel comfortable. Who wants waist pains at a tender age? I don’t. Plus, about one hour beauty sleep, can that be arranged? Let’s have something like a creche where the walls are padded, floor is padded, barney singing his boring songs and maybe we’ll take turns or buy tickets or use some kind of voucher to access the ‘soft room’ for authorized naps.

That’s a good one!

2. Movie and sports days
Movie days!!! yayy!!! Movies, popcorn, barbecue, just like in the French Institutes. Probably by 4 pm, maybe, because I know that not everyone would like to stay behind at 8pm to see a movie in the office, unless the company is taking us all out to dash Mr. Bruce some of our hard-earned money on a get-an-extra-ticket-for-free bonanza.

And yep yep, sports too, sometimes, interdepartmental. You could all give your departments nicknames, like the Happy Frogs, the Wonder Lizards, the Ugly Princesses, or the Desperate Divas… have fun, give prizes, run for nothing, or maybe even do it for a 2% raise *tongue out*

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